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Suite 102 3304 32 Ave
Vernon, BC V1T 2M6



Counselling Services: 

  • Anxiety, Phobias, OCD
  • Depression, Emotional Dysregulation
  • ADHD
  • Substance Use
  • Stress Management
  • Anger Management, Conflict Resolution
  • Communication Skills
  • Body Image, Self-Identity, Self-Esteem
  • Individuals ages 8+

Emotional struggles can cause physiological symptoms and substantially affect an individual's behaviours. This in turn can impact those around them. As time goes on the severity of symptoms may increase and become more intertwined and complex. The loved ones of an individual experiencing these symptoms may find themselves stressed out, and uncertain of how to help. If you are experiencing emotional struggles or know someone who is, help is available.

My focus is to help clients:

  • Identify and understand the severity of negative coping strategies, ex. Self harm, drug/alcohol use, negative self talk
  • Build awareness around irrational thinking styles, and the impact they have on mood (anxiety, depression) and behaviour
  • Change irrational thinking styles, and replace them with realistic/helpful thoughts to decrease mood disorder symptoms
  • Develop positive coping skills to manage difficult emotions and situations
  • Develop communication skills, so one is able to express themselves assertively and set healthy boundaries
  • Build new perspective on the changes one can make to better relationships
  • Learn collaborative problem solving skills to resolve conflicts and reduce relationship stress
  • Identify and further develop personal strengths
  • Explore values and morals to build a positive and healthy self-identity